Two Hot New Aloe Varieties

Rancho Tissue Technologies (RTT) is debuting two aloe varieties sure to ramp up sales and demand.

Aloe hyb. ‘Christmas Carol’ PPAF and Aloe hyb. ‘Sunset’ PPAF each offer striking features that appeal to consumers and growers alike.

These two new aloe varieties were carefully selected for spectacular color and vigorous growth habits, says Owner and Founder Heather May, “and like all Rancho Tissue varieties produced from tissue culture, they offer superior uniformity that growers will appreciate.

Aloe hyb. ‘Christmas Carol’ offers some of the most amazing color available in small-size aloes.

Trimmed in bright red, the deep green leaves also feature vibrant dark red spots along the centers of the leaves. It’s best for 4- to 6-inch pots indoors or outdoors (USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11).

Possibly one of the best new releases, Aloe hyb. ‘Sunset’ truly sets itself apart from other cultivars with bright red leaf margins offset by rich green foliage.

Perfect for indoor pots or outdoor containers, ‘Sunset’ grows to about 12 in. It’s hardy in USDA Zones 8-11.

About Rancho Tissue Technologies
Rancho Tissue Technologies develops new, innovative and high quality plant varieties for the horticulture industry. The company has developed a proven and dependable reputation for providing high-quality liners and micro cuttings that ensure a crop is vigorous and disease-free.

Established in 1987, RTT’s cutting edge, environmentally controlled laboratory and 40,000-square-foot greenhouse is designed to produce up to 4 million plants per year and offer a multitude of services, including multiplication of hard to propagate plants, development of new and improved cultivars, virus eradication through heat-treatment and meristemming, and custom contract growing. RTT is the largest producer of tissue-cultured succulents in the U.S. and potentially worldwide.

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