RTT Featured Stop on IPPS Tour

Rancho Tissue Technologies (RTT) was tapped as a featured stop for the International Plant Propagators™ Society’s (IPPS) 50th Anniversary Western Meeting and Tour September 30-October 2.

The event, which showcases the latest in plant breeding, selection, development and propagation, is attended by the nation’s premiere horticulturalists. IPPS™ conference tours are known for showcasing the best and brightest in floriculture and horticulture production.

Rancho Tissue is pleased and honored to be part of the IPPS Western Region 50th Anniversary Event, says Heather May, founder and owner, and proud to be able to help IPPS attendees turn knowledge into practice as a featured stop on their conference tours.

Chosen for its state-of-the-art tissue culture facilities, RTT will provide tour attendees a firsthand look at a cutting-edge, environmentally controlled laboratory and 40,000-square foot greenhouse designed to produce up to 4 million plants per year. Services include multiplication of hard-to-propagate plants, development of new and improved cultivars, virus- and disease-indexing of mother stock, virus eradication through heat treatment and meristemming and custom contract growing.

RTT will be featured on the Friday, October 2, IPPS tour. The IPPS Western Region 50th Anniversary Event is set for September 30-October 3 in San Diego, California.

About Rancho Tissue Technologies
Rancho Tissue Technologies (RTT) is the largest producer of tissue-cultured succulents in the U.S. and potentially worldwide. The company develops new, innovative and high quality plant varieties for the horticulture industry. RTT has developed a proven and dependable reputation for providing high-quality liners and micro cuttings that ensure a crop is vigorous and disease-free.

Established in 1987, RTT’s cutting edge, environmentally controlled laboratory and 40,000-square-foot greenhouse is designed to produce up to 4 million plants per year and offer a multitude of services, including multiplication of hard to propagate plants, development of new and improved cultivars, virus eradication through heat-treatment and meristemming, and custom contract growing.

For more information on Rancho Tissue Technologies, please visit www.ranchotissue.com.