Rancho Tissue Hires Research Director

Rancho Tissue Technologies, a plant-tissue culture facility serving the horticulture industry, is proud to welcome Dr. Shiping Zhang as its research director.

Dr. Zhang brings extensive experience as a plant physiologist in both industry and academics to the RTT team. In his new role as research director, Dr. Zhang will assist with all aspects of R&D, including hands-on research, as well as interact with biotechnology firms and support the improvement of already existing crops. Just some of the projects Dr. Zhang will oversee include tissue culture of bamboo, palms and cycads as well as mutation work to produce superior new selections.

Dr. Zhang possesses technical expertise in plant tissue culture, protoplast culture/fusion, transformation techniques, bacterial inoculation, plant genetic breeding and molecular biology and genomics, that will allow him to help move the company into other areas of plant biotechnology. He was previously staff scientist with Torrey Mesa Research Institute — Syngenta, where he managed plant tissue culture and transformation projects. Dr. Zhang also honed his skills during his seven years as Group Leader at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. While at Scripps, Dr. Zhang managed and trained researchers in tissue culture experimentation and transformation. He also received a grant to produce bacterial blight resistant rice varieties and coordinate transgenic field trials in the Philippines and China.

Dr. Zhang received his master of science degree in plant genetics and breeding from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing, China and went on to earn his Ph.D. in agronomy and crop physiology from the University of the Philippines.

“In addition to his excellent grasp of the science of what we do here at RTT, Shiping has the program development and management experience that will help take our firm to the next level,” said Heather May, president of RTT. “We’re excited to have him as a part of our team.”

currently, Rancho Tissue Technologies develops new, innovative and high quality plant varieties for the horticulture industry. The company has developed a proven and dependable reputation for providing high-quality liners and micro cuttings that ensure a crop is vigorous and disease-free.

Established in 1987, RTT’s cutting edge, environmentally controlled laboratory and 40,000-square-foot greenhouse is designed to produce up to 4 million plants per year and offer a multitude of services, including multiplication of hard to propagate plants, development of new and improved cultivars, virus eradication through heat-treatment and meristeming, and custom contract growing.

For more information on Rancho Tissue Technologies, please visit the company’s recently re-designed and expanded web site at www.ranchotissue.com.

RTT Uses Preforma Mix

Our growers constantly strive to improve the quality of the plant material we sell, but in addition, we started using Preforma mix in 2003 to make sure that our customers receive the best liners possible.

We’ve already started to notice an improvement in the quality of our liners and a reduction in claims due to damage in transit.

Rancho Tissue Technologies offers a wide range of custom services for all your tissue culture needs.

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Agave From Tissue Culture

Rancho Tissue Technologies, Inc., a tissue culture lab specializing in new and unusual plant varieties, has recently introduced an exciting series of Agave. The new line consists of seven varieties that offer a wide assortment of foliage colors and shapes.

Growing Agaves in tissue culture allows Rancho Tissue Technologies (RTT) to create a uniform product in significantly less time than through conventional propagation methods. By using tissue culture, RTT can produce in one year what growers that use traditional methods would need several years to grow. In addition, Agave seed is not readily available, making traditional propagation methods even more complicated.

“Several of our new varieties are hybrids, and the only reliable and time efficient way to propagate those is through tissue culture,” explains Heather May, president of RTT. “We selected varieties with the best color, leaf shape, markings, scientists work in state-of-the-art laboratories and greenhouses to propagate over 1000 different varieties. For more information, visit www.ranchotissue.com.

New Euphorbia ‘Supergrandiflora’

If you are looking for an unusual flowering plant that is anything but ordinary, you might have found what you need with the new ‘Supergrandiflora’ line of Euphorbia milii (Crown of Thorns) varieties from Rancho Tissue Technologies, Inc., a tissue culture lab specializing in new and unusual plant varieties.


The new series from Thailand has flowers larger than anything you have ever seen in a Crown of Thorns. The two-inch-large blooms put ordinary varieties to shame. Not only are the flowers larger than those of common varieties, they also come in a wider range of colors. The series is available in five brilliant hues, including yellow, orange, red, pink, and blush. More colors are scheduled for introduction in the future.

Euphorbia ‘Supergrandiflora’ is outstanding as a patio plant and in the landscape during frost-free conditions or in a bright spot in the house. The plants flower early and can be grown in any pot size ranging from four-inch reduces crop losses and ensures higher success rates. Growers interested in the new series can order ‘Supergrandiflora’ varieties as Stage III rooted micro cuttings or as Stage IV liners directly from Rancho Tissue Technologies or through their favorite plant broker.

Rancho Tissue Technologies, Inc. (RTT) is a tissue culture lab specializing in new and unusual plant varieties. Established in 1987 by Heather May, RTT provides tissue culture liners and micro cuttings as well as custom propagation and virus eradication services to the horticulture industry. curntly a staff of over 20 international researchers and scientists work in state-of-the-art laboratories and greenhouses to propagate over 1,000 different varieties. For more information, visit www.ranchotissue.com.