New Food Crops Division Launches

Hazelnut Stage 2 Clone

Hazelnut Stage 2

Rancho Tissue Technologies has added a new division to its world-class tissue culture lab and production facility, producing food crops.

“This is a great opportunity to apply our rigorous standards to fill a need in the food crops market,” says Owner and Founder Heather May.

Crops will be produced by tissue culture, using the gold-standard protocols and quality controls for which Rancho Tissue is known.

Hazelnuts (Corylus) are the first crop available through Rancho Tissues new division. Plant material is sourced from the USDA-ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis.

Rancho Tissue anticipates the first hazelnut plants, in Stage III or 72-cell liners, will be ready for sale in March. Growers will be pleased to know the heirloom variety Barcelona, an in-demand bud mite resistant and EFB (Eastern Filbert Blight) susceptible cultivar, will be part of the offering. Additional varieties – all EFB resistant – will include:

  • Jefferson: grown for the in-shell market
  • Sacajawea: kernel market
  • Yamhill: kernel market
  • Epsilon: late pollinizer
  • Delta: late pollinizer
  • Zeta: late pollinizer
  • Theta: pollinizer for Corylus Jefferson

Other crops on the horizon include walnuts, blueberries, raspberries, almonds, avocados, goji berries and bananas.

For more information or to order these and other RTT varieties, call 858-756-6785 or visit to find a broker.

New Researcher Joins RTT

Rancho Tissue is pleased to announce that Kristina Holland has joined our team to assist with new research projects. Kristina comes to us with an excellent background in tissue culture gained through work at Ceres, Inc. designing and optimizing new techniques and at the University of California San Diego producing arabidopsis and tomato plants using tissue culture techniques. Her background also includes a wealth of research and laboratory experience, with time at the University of California Riverside and UCLA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from UCLA and a master’s degree in biology from California State University. She also completed specialized tissue culture training with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Nematode Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland. Some of Kristina’s new projects at RTT will be focus on food crops including berries, bananas, potatoes and olives. We welcome her to our group.

New Agave Makes the Best Tequila

Rancho Tissue Technologies has just released Weber’s Blue Agave, a wonderful plant used to make the best tequilas.

Agave tequilana is an excellent choice for growers looking to replant their fields after pulp extraction.Agave tequilana

This is a fast-growing agave that grows to 5 feet tall and wide with 3 to 4 foot long narrow leaves of a beautiful shade of blue gray and brown sharp terminal spine and margin teeth. It sends out pumps, both near the plants base and several feet away on rhizomes, so give it some room. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil and irrigate very little.

This plant needs to be grown where temperatures do not drop below 25°F or even below 27°F for extended periods so it is likely limited to southern California coastal areas or the low desert. This is the plant used in the Jalisco, Mexico as the base ingredient of the distilled spirit called Tequila where it has been cultivated since before the Spanish arrived. Other products derived from this plant include aguamiel and pulque.

It is considered a domesticated species without any wild populations known to exist. In Jalisco this plant is grown in well drained soils at moderate altitudes of 4,500 feet or higher.

Rancho Tissue teams up with Moerheim New Plant in Europe

Rancho Tissue Technologies has recently teamed up with Moerheim New Plant to be their official representation in the European market. Moerheim will be promoting and distributing Rancho Tissue’s elite class of tissue cultured plants, drawing upon their specialized expertise in marketing and sales. With an excellent reputation and a history of innovation and originality within the horticultural industry, Moerheim is perfectly suited to represent Rancho Tissue’s unique and exceptionally bred collection.

Rancho Tissue still offers all of its products and services within the European market, and Rancho is more eager than ever to work with clients in this region. Moerheim will provide a direct and easy local contact to facilitate orders, and handle any questions customers may have, making business more efficient and simple.

Moerheim New Plant can be reached at: +31(0)172 50-6700


Two new Agaves added to Availability

Rancho Tissue is a pleased to announce that Agave titanota ‘Black and Blue’ and Agave parryii truncata variegated ‘Lime Streak’ have both been released for sale.
Orders are being taken now on both of these exciting new plants. Both are produced in our lab here in Rancho Santa Fe so you will have year round availability of these plants as well as all of our other gorgeous selections.

Two new Agaves added to Availability

Rancho Tissue is a pleased to announce that Agave titanota ‘Black and Blue’ and

Agave parryii truncata variegated ‘Lime Streak’ have both been released for sale.

Orders are being taken now on both of these exciting new plants. Both are produced

in our lab here in Rancho Santa Fe so you will have year round availability

of these plants as well as all of our other gorgeous selections.




Rancho Tissue Introduces the Rancho Collection

Introducing the Rancho Collection (click here to view images of the 12 plants in the first release): Rancho Tissue Technologies has introduced the Rancho Collection, an exclusive selection of varieties hand picked or bred specifically for the company.

“These varieties are carefully chosen for their unique and distinctive features,” says Owner and Founder Heather May. “Our breeder/curator worked with our specific goals in mind to create or choose the best varieties so growers and homeowners alike will be happy.”

The Collection includes varieties such as Agave ovatifolia Vanzie, distinguished by its leaf cupping, which is much more intense than in standard ovatifolia selections. Differences like this will help growers stocking the Rancho Collection differentiate from their competitors.

In addition to ‘Vanzie, the Rancho Collections inaugural varieties include five more Agaves, Blue Flame, Blue Glow, Cameron Blue, Dragon Toes and Globe; plus two Aloes, Violet and Delta Lights; two Dyckias, Brittle Star and Burgundy Ice; and two Echeverias, Purple Afterglow and White Cloud.

All Rancho Collection varieties are produced by tissue culture for superior uniformity and consistency. Watch for more selections in the Collection coming soon.

RTT Experienced and Ready to TC Food Crops

While many people have known Rancho Tissue Technologies to be a leading supplier of liners for ornamental plants, not everyone has known about RTT’s parallel expertise with food crops. RTT has always boasted an extensive line of rare and exotic ornamentals, but its capabilities extend far beyond. Having extensive experience from numerous private contracts for food crops over its 26 years in business, RTT is always capable and ready to take on new contracts for food crops. Building off its experience tissue culturing everything from cauliflower and asparagus to grapes and bananas, RTT will have relevant experience to bring to bear on any Food Crops you are interested in having put into TC. Even now, although not reflected on its availability listings, Rancho Tissue is currently propagating a number of different privately contracted food crops. Whatever food TC project you may have in mind – Rancho Tissue Technologies is interested in working with you.

Rancho Tissue Technologies Renews Veriflora Certification

VFA_logo_tagcert_FCP_103Rancho Tissue Technologies™ is pleased to renew their VeriFlora™ certification demonstrating its continued commitment to the highest of ecological and employment safety standards in the industry. VeriFlora has once again affirmed that Rancho Tissue’s practices embody the scrupulous dedication to sustainability, product quality and fair labor practices that define the core of its progressive values.

Always striving to push the industry to new, higher standards of quality in its products and its practices, VeriFlora’s re-certification auditing process is concerned not just with maintaining its high standards of sustainability, but also with the continued improvement of its certified members. In renewing Rancho Tissue Technologies’ certification through to 2013 VeriFlora has found Rancho Tissue’s standards for product quality and ecological and social responsibility to be ever improving and continue to push the industry toward a higher level.