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We welcome your visit next time you’re in Southern California. Please call ahead if you’d like to come by. In the meantime, take a virtual tour of our lab.

Laboratory Our state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled laboratory is equipped to produce up to four million plants per year. We not only mass-produce openly available plants, we also custom-propagate proprietary varieties.
Laboratory Our international team of technicians and scientists applies the latest technology to produce the highest quality of plant material possible.
Laboratory Even just a very small part of a plant is often sufficient to propagate thousands of genetically identical plants. This technology is especially valuable when it comes to propagating a collector’s rare plant and can even save an endangered species from extinction.
Laboratory Each plantlet is divided several times and initiated into tissue culture. This process is repeated until enough plant material is produced.
Laboratory Rancho Tissue Technologies produces the highest quality tissue culture material possible. Healthy plant material supplied by us is the basis for a successful plant propagation business and also necessary for the finished-plant grower who wants t