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  • New Food Crops Division Launches (10/14/2014) - Rancho Tissue Technologies has added a new division to its world-class tissue culture lab and production facility, producing food crops. “This is a great opportunity to apply our rigorous standards to fill a need in the food crops market,” says Owner and Founder Heather May. Crops will be produced by tissue culture, using the gold-standard protocols and quality controls for which Rancho Tissue is known. Hazelnuts (Corylus) are the first... (Read More)
  • Drought tolerant plants gain popularity (5/29/2014) - Record hot temperatures, water shortages, and severe drought conditions are challenging growers everywhere. Rancho Tissue Technologies’ Susana Vanzie-Canton says she’s recently seen considerable growth for the drought tolerant plant market, despite early reluctance. “Initially there were only a handful of growers in Southern California that saw the need to introduce and produce drought tolerant plants,” she explains from her Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., office. “Shifting focus to a new crop... (Read More)
  • Hot New Echeverias to Drive Sales (1/9/2014) - Rancho Tissue Technologies presents Echeveria ‘Raindrops’, with light green, rounded leaves highlighted by soft reddish-pink margins and a single drop-like nodule in the  middle of each leaf. Produced from tissue culture for maximum consistency. Great for small containers. New from Rancho Tissue Technologies, Echeveria ‘Ruffled Red’ is a fascinating succulent with silvery-green carunculate leaves wavy and red at the margins. A Kelly Griffin selection, it grows to 8 inches in... (Read More)
  • Rancho Tissue Introduces Fabulous Fish Aloes (1/2/2014) - Exclusively from Rancho Tissue Technologies comes the Fish Series of Aloes, each with fabulous foliage, color and texture. Bred by Larry Weisel, they’re great in 4 to 8 inch pots, and perfect for patios and containers. Five varieties are included in the series. Pictured: Piranha (right) and Wrasse, both small- to mid-sized Aloe with beautiful markings.
  • Rancho Tissue Introduces Two Hot New Succulents (7/12/2013) - Rancho Tissue green dense rosette of narrow, toothless leaves that reaches 2 to 4 feet across. A long reddish spine tips each leaf. Since they do not cluster, the singular rosettes are very symmetrical. The flowers are an unusual deep reddish-purple; they’re borne on a tall, unbranched spike in the spring. Full sun, very drought tolerant.
  • New Researcher Joins RTT (5/14/2013) - Rancho Tissue is pleased to announce that Kristina Holland has joined our team to assist with new research projects. Kristina comes to us with an excellent background in tissue culture gained through work at Ceres, Inc. designing and optimizing new techniques and at the University of California San Diego producing arabidopsis and tomato plants using tissue culture techniques. Her background also includes a wealth of research and laboratory experience, with... (Read More)
  • New Agave Makes the Best Tequila (2/28/2013) - Rancho Tissue Technologies has just released Weber’s Blue Agave, a wonderful plant used to make the best tequilas. Agave tequilana is an excellent choice for growers looking to replant their fields after pulp extraction. This is a fast-growing agave that grows to 5 feet tall and wide with 3 to 4 foot long narrow leaves of a beautiful shade of blue gray and brown sharp terminal spine and margin teeth.... (Read More)
  • New Agave attenuata ‘Boutin Blue’ Gets Attention (2/15/2013) - Rancho Tissue Technologies has added a new Agave attenuata that everyone’s talking about. ‘Boutin Blue’ is a great cultivar produced in tissue culture for year round availability. It is much bluer and has wider leaves than the typical A. attenuata, and the flower stalk is erect, where A. attenuata droops over. Culture and growth patterns are otherwise similar to the species. Grows to about 3-4 feet tall by as wide.... (Read More)
  • Fleurizon Joins Rancho Tissue Broker Network (1/29/2013) - Fleurizon International is the newest partner to join Rancho Tissue Technologies’ wide-reaching broker network. Based in Camarillo, California, the range of top quality and innovative plant material to growers worldwide. You can reach Fleurizon at 805-389-8980 or learn more at www.fleurizon.com.
  • Rancho Tissue Debuts New Web Site (1/23/2013) - Rancho Tissue Technologies has launched a new web site designed for easier user access, with enhanced navigation and more touchpoints. Explore the new site to find everything you need to know about us! You’ll find comprehensive information on our full range of services. Take a tour of our laboratory, or view our client and product lists for a complete look at what we do. Our online catalog makes it easy... (Read More)

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