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Rancho Tissue teams up with Moerheim New Plant in Europe

Rancho Tissue Technologies has recently teamed up with Moerheim New Plant to be their official representation in the European market. Moerheim will be promoting and distributing Rancho Tissue’s elite class of tissue cultured plants, drawing upon their specialized expertise in marketing and sales. With an excellent reputation and a history of innovation and originality within the horticultural industry, Moerheim is perfectly suited to represent Rancho Tissue’s unique and exceptionally bred collection.

Rancho Tissue still offers all of its products and services within the European market, and Rancho is more eager than ever to work with clients in this region. Moerheim will provide a direct and easy local contact to facilitate orders, and handle any questions customers may have, making business more efficient and simple.

Moerheim New Plant can be reached at: +31(0)172 50-6700


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