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All Rancho Tissue RTT Experienced and Ready to TC Food Crops

RTT Experienced and Ready to TC Food Crops

While many people have known Rancho Tissue Technologies to be a leading supplier of liners for ornamental plants, not everyone has known about RTT’s parallel expertise with food crops. RTT has always boasted an extensive line of rare and exotic ornamentals, but its capabilities extend far beyond. Having extensive experience from numerous private contracts for food crops over its 26 years in business, RTT is always capable and ready to take on new contracts for food crops. Building off its experience tissue culturing everything from cauliflower and asparagus to grapes and bananas, RTT will have relevant experience to bring to bear on any Food Crops you are interested in having put into TC. Even now, although not reflected on its availability listings, Rancho Tissue is currently propagating a number of different privately contracted food crops. Whatever food TC project you may have in mind – Rancho Tissue Technologies is interested in working with you.

7 responses on “RTT Experienced and Ready to TC Food Crops

  1. Shachi Bhatt says:

    Hi There,
    I am writing on behalf of a small but innovative commercial tissue culture lab based in India, to request an appointment to visit your facility and meet key people.

    We are one of the few labs to have an in-house R&D unit, which is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Govt. of India and are funded by the government to undertake micro propagation research in high value or endangered plants such as Date Palm and Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus)
    We would like to offer our TC plants such as Asian Cucurbits (Tricosanthes diocia, Coccinia indica), several varieties of Banana, such as COLD HARDY Hill banana selection from elite material found in North Eastern India, Salt resistant banana (performs even in 1500 TDS) Williams, Grand Naine and Sona, our elite selection of Grand Naine.We also produce Potato, Sweet potato, Fig and Citrus.

    In turn, we seek collaboration or consultancy for development of DNA markers to determine sex of plants such as Date Palm, in-vitro micro grafting and micro-propagation of woody species.

    Our director Dr Prashant Bhatt will be in CA sometime between September 21-28th. Who I can call to make an appointment and discuss further?


  2. Rick Parkhurst says:

    Do you do tissue culture for guavas? I have several excellent varieties and I would like to try a method to rapidly expand my grove. Thank you.

  3. Rick Parkhurst says:

    Do you have any experience with artificial seed?

  4. editor says:

    Hi Rick
    What do you have in mind?

  5. I would like to propagate my best guavas using artifial seed.

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