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Bring the science of better plants into your nursery with quality tissue culture from Rancho Tissue Technologies. We offer a full range of services including:

Multiplication of hard-to-propagate plants

Whatever the challenge, growers know Rancho Tissue has the science and skills to overcome, producing consistent, quality, clean stock to the highest possible standards. From even the smallest part of a plant, we can propagate thousands of genetically identical plants, whether proprietary selections, rare collectors’ varieties or endangered species.

Development of new and improved cultivars

Rancho Tissue stands for innovation, and you’ll see it in our extensive collection. We hand select varieties for their superior performance and exciting characteristics. From foliage to tropicals, cut flowers to perennials, we’re constantly seeking the next best seller.

Virus- and disease-indexed mother stock

For the healthiest, most vigorous and resilient stock, the industry trusts Rancho Tissue Technologies. Here science and expertise come together to give you a higher level of success. This also includes bacterial and fungal indexing to ensure the healthiest plant material. These indexed plants are healthier and often more vigorous and resilient than conventionally grown plants, assuring a higher level of success at every stage of the supply chain from propagator to end consumer.

Virus eradication

Using highly advanced techniques like heat treatment and meristeming, we eliminate potentially harmful viruses from plant material. To ensure the cleanest plant material possible, we’re constantly updating and expanding our screening process for maximum coverage.

Custom contract growing

Growers and propagators all over the world trust Rancho Tissue Technologies for their proprietary plant material. From breeder to hobbyist, we’ll multiply your plant material with the utmost discretion and quality.

Behind RTT

Heather May founded Rancho Tissue Technologies in 1987 with a goal HeatherMay of supplying the industry exceptional quality plant tissue, including hard-to-find varieties. One of the few female tissue culture lab owners in the world, Heather has a background in molecular biology. Growing up in the family nursery business, she knows well the quality standards required for cuttings and stock plants, and shes applied that to RTT. The state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled lab now produces more than 4 million plants per year for customers worldwide.