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VeriFlora® Certification

Rancho Tissue Technologies (RTT), a plant-tissue culture facility serving the horticulture industry, has begun steps toward sustainability.

According to RTT owner Heather May, the plant-tissue culture lab has started working with VeriFlora®, the sustainability certification program for fresh cut flowers, potted plants, and other horticultural items. Certification through VeriFlora® will allow us to state our micro-cuttings are certified sustainably grown, May says. As the green movement becomes engrained in our economy, she adds, sustainably grown plants of all kinds will be in great demand by consumers and retailers. Offering Stage III VeriFlora-certified micro-cuttings to growers should be

a real boon for clients purchasing them, May adds. Rancho Tissue Technologies will be the first plant tissue lab to receive VeriFlora® certification.

The VeriFlora® Sustainably Grown Program is administered through the VeriFlora® Sustainability Council, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainable floriculture through promotion and education. The certification process involves detailed on-site inspections, document audits, in-depth interviews, and annual follow-up. VeriFlora® certification is conducted by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a leader in independent third party verification and sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry standards development with no vested interest in the companies or products it evaluates or certifies.

About Rancho Tissue Technologies
Currently, Rancho Tissue Technologies develops new, innovative and high quality plant varieties for the horticulture industry. The company has developed a proven and dependable reputation for providing high-quality liners and micro cuttings that ensure a crop is vigorous and disease-free.

Established in 1987, RTT’s cutting edge, environmentally controlled laboratory and 40,000-square-foot greenhouse is designed to produce up to 4 million plants per year and offer a multitude of services, including multiplication of hard to propagate plants, development of new and improved cultivars, virus eradication through heat-treatment and meristemming, and custom contract growing.

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