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AGAVE Potatorum ‘Kichijokan’


Genus: Agave
Species: Potatorum



Agave potorum Kichijokan is a small growing agave to 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide with short blue/gray leaves with beautiful imprints on the backe side of the leavesn and red spines. This selection is thought to be a Japanese cultivar of Agave potatorum and is  highly sought after.  Little irrigation is required in coastal gardens, but it is best to provide some supplemental irrigation in hotter inland gardens. It is cold hardy to around 25 degrees. Agave potatorum comes from the semi-arid highlands, in the altitudes between 4,000 and 7,000 feet in Puebla and Oaxaca  Mexico. This cultivar resembles a diminutive form of the species but some consider it to be a form of Agave parryi.

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