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ECHEVERIA hyb. ‘Purple Afterglow’


Genus: Echeveria
Species: Hybrid



Echeveria ‘Purple Afterglow’ – This very beautiful and vigorous succulent has wide powdery pinkish-lavender leaves that have a brighter pink edging and are aptly described as an “out-of-this-world” color. It grows on a short stout stem that holds 12-16 inch wide rosettes. The deep orange-red flowers can emerge from below lower leaves or sometimes as a terminal inflorescence. It is best to remove flower stalks as it detracts from the foliage and a terminal flower stalk aborts further growth. Plant in full sun for best color but it will also grow well in shade. In a well drained soil one can water it occasionally and it will also tolerate winter rainfall. It is hardy to at least mid 20’s.

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