Agave From Tissue Culture

Rancho Tissue Technologies, Inc., a tissue culture lab specializing in new and unusual plant varieties, has recently introduced an exciting series of Agave. The new line consists of seven varieties that offer a wide assortment of foliage colors and shapes.

Growing Agaves in tissue culture allows Rancho Tissue Technologies (RTT) to create a uniform product in significantly less time than through conventional propagation methods. By using tissue culture, RTT can produce in one year what growers that use traditional methods would need several years to grow. In addition, Agave seed is not readily available, making traditional propagation methods even more complicated.

“Several of our new varieties are hybrids, and the only reliable and time efficient way to propagate those is through tissue culture,” explains Heather May, president of RTT. “We selected varieties with the best color, leaf shape, markings, scientists work in state-of-the-art laboratories and greenhouses to propagate over 1000 different varieties. For more information, visit

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